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Northville Concours d'Elegance Design Team
Nov 14, 2023
In Rules & Regulations
1. Be Respectful: - Create a positive environment by being respectful and polite to each other. - Avoid hate speech, harassment, or personal attacks to ensure a friendly community. 2. Content Quality: - Contribute meaningfully to discussions; let's aim for constructive content. - Avoid low-effort or one-word responses to keep our conversations engaging. 3. No Spam: - Keep the community clutter-free by refraining from posting spam or irrelevant content. - Self-promotion, advertising, and external links are not allowed. 4. Stay on Topic: - Maintain focused and productive discussions by staying on topic. - If you have unrelated thoughts, consider starting a new thread or finding an appropriate space. 5. No NSFW Content: - Ensure a safe browsing experience for everyone by refraining from posting explicit content. 6. Moderation: - Moderators are here to ensure our space remains welcoming. Please cooperate with them. - Follow the rules and guidelines to make this community a positive place for everyone. 7. No Personal Information: - Respect everyone's privacy. Refrain from sharing personal information, including your own and others. - Keep the focus on discussions without getting into personal details. 8. No Plagiarism: - Share your thoughts and ideas in your own words. If you refer to others' work, give credit where it's due. - Avoid copying and pasting content without proper attribution. 9. No Trolling: - Keep discussions respectful and constructive; avoid inflammatory or off-topic messages. - Focus on productive conversations rather than provoking others. 10. No Illegal Content: - Uphold the law by refraining from posting any content that is illegal or violates regulations. 11. No Discrimination: - Promote inclusivity by avoiding content that discriminates based on race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or any personal characteristic. 12. Privacy and Consent: - Respect others' privacy; get consent before sharing information or media involving them. 13. Multiple Accounts: - Maintain transparency by using only one account; multiple accounts can create confusion. 14. Civility in Disagreements: - Embrace diverse opinions, but express disagreements with civility. - Focus on addressing ideas or arguments rather than resorting to personal attacks. 15. Reporting Mechanism: - Maintain a positive environment by reporting any rule violations to moderators. 16. Language and Tone: - Use appropriate language and tone to contribute to a positive atmosphere. - Communicate respectfully to create a welcoming space for everyone. 17. Respect for Copyright: - Respect intellectual property rights; avoid posting content that infringes on copyright laws. 18. Accountability: - Remember that actions have consequences. Be accountable for your behavior on the forum. - Repeat violations may result in warnings, suspensions, or bans. 19. Review and Update: - Stay informed about any changes; forum rules may be reviewed and updated periodically. 20. Encourage Positive Contribution: - Share your knowledge, experiences, and insights positively to contribute to the community's growth.
Northville Concours d'Elegance Design Team
Sep 11, 2023
In General Discussion
🌟 Welcome to the Northville Concours d'Elegance Forum! 🌟 Step into the world of automotive elegance with us. This space is your virtual hub for enthusiasts, collectors, and admirers of classic and exotic vehicles. 🏎️ Northville Concours d'Elegance is not just a showcase; it's a symphony of craftsmanship, history, and innovation. Join our community to explore the stories behind these automotive masterpieces, share insights, and celebrate the grace of vintage and exotic cars. 🤝 Whether you're a seasoned collector or someone with an eye for automotive beauty, you've found your community. Fasten your seatbelts and cruise through discussions, visuals, and insights in the Northville Concours d'Elegance Forum. Your adventure into the world of automotive starts here! 🚗💨

Northville Concours d'Elegance Design Team

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